Fun Facts

Flood’s Hill needs an apostrophe because in the mid 1800’s, Mr. Flood rented the land for his cows to graze.  Hence, Flood’s Hill.

Today’s Baird Center was originally the club house for the South Orange Field Club, constructed in 1896.  In 1930 it had evolved into a public community center and was renamed the Baird Center.

Much of today’s Meadowland Park was originally the Lone Oak Golf Course, part of the South Orange Field Club.  In 1907, the local team beat Canoe Brook in the East Jersey Golf League Championship

In November of 2021, to celebrate its first anniversary, the MPC invited volunteers to plant vibrant native plants around the newly renovated Skate House

Meadowland Park is the home of the annual Summer Concert Series on Flood’s Hill, which attracts thousands of music lovers each Wednesday evening in July

Within the 45 acres of Meadowland Park, you can play tennis, basketball, pickleball, softball, baseball, bocce, soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, chess and go sledding down the best hill in Essex County.