About Us

Meadowland Park Conservancy was formed with the goal of transforming this public space into a truly special destination that gives South Orange residents and visitors from neighboring communities a convenient, fresh air respite from the bustle of their daily lives.

As the largest open green space in the area (45 acres!), we hope that everyone is able to find that special nook or secret spot that provides the refresh that we all need.

Our ultimate goal:

professional re-imagining and redesign of the park's open spaces

As the new MPC gets off the ground, we’re starting to re-identify the park by making sure the community is aware of its existing attributes and introducing new events and experiences throughout the year.  This all leads to our ultimate goal, which is a professional re-imagining and redesign of the park’s open spaces. Note that the MPC is not focused on the athletic playing fields and courts within the park… we’re focused on the river and open spaces which make the park unique.  Everything we do is in partnership with South Orange Village, which is still responsible for the overall upkeep and management of the park.

Here’s a list of projects we’re hoping to make a reality in the near future:

  • Park tours and inventories
  • Redesigning the Memorial Rock area into the new Gold Star Garden
  • Safe and regulated skating on the pond
  • Pop up art installations (perfect for Instagram!)
  • New benches and furniture
  • New public events to mark milestones like National Recognition Days (ie Puppy Day, Pretzel Day) and the solstices
  • Evening fireside story times (in partnership with the SOPL and SO Fire Department)
  • New, unobtrusive signage and way-finding
  • New food and beverage options during peak periods
  • Activating ideas from the people we value the most:  those who love and use Meadowland Park!


As a non-profit with no governmental financial support, we need your donations to get these ideas off the ground (or in the ground!).

So please consider making a donation to the MPC and help us build the future of our favorite park.



MPC Board

  • ​Matt Glass, Chair
  • Linda Beck, Vice-Chair
  • ​Whelan Mahoney, Secretary & Treasurer

MPC Steering Committee

  • ​Cordelia Lux
  • Taylor Margis-Noguera
  • ​Debi Rednik
  • Joe Rospars
  • Matthew Smalls
  • Alison Waldman
  • Peter Travers, SO Recreation & Cultural Affairs Rep
  • Bobby Brown, SO Board of Trustees Rep
  • Bill Haskins, SO Board of Trustees Rep

Meadowland Park Conservancy was founded in 2020 by South Orange residents, Linda Beck, Neil Chambers, and Matt Glass.


The waterways of Meadowland Park are home to Mallard Ducks, Little Brown Bats, Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Green Herons, Belted Kingfishers, Cormorants, Catbirds, Red-Winged Blackbirds and more.