The Meadowland Park Conservancy is only as strong as our partnerships and support from South Orange and beyond. And based on our impressive list of supporters and members in only our first few years of operation, our strength is significant.

From donations to sponsoring our events to helping us spread the word and investing in our banner pole program, we thank the organizations and people below for stepping up and showing their love for Meadowland Park.

Pole Banner Sponsors



Leading Member Supporters

45 Acre Society Members ($1,000+)

  • The Howald Family
  • Deb and Joe Holt

Barnstormer Members ($350+)

  • The Rednik Family
  • The Hairston Family
  • Bill MacIntosh
  • The Glass Family
  • The Mittal Family
  • The Beck Family
  • Dalton Ackerman
  • Michael Grant
  • Karen Hartshorn Hilton & James J Hilton

Rahway River Bridges Members ($150+)

  • Bill Haskins
  • The Strugger Family
  • The Kitzinger Family
  • David Rosenband
  • The Mahoney Family
  • The Zacker Family
  • Matthew Smalls
  • The Nagle Family
  • The Fleetwood Family
  • Patrick Dwyer & Anne Wessel Dwyer
  • The Hulbert Family


Flood’s Hill needs an apostrophe because in the mid 1800’s, Mr. Flood rented the land for his cows to graze. Hence, Flood’s Hill.