Meadowland’s Boz Way Named After SO Resident Lee Boswell May

by Linda Beck, MPC Co-Founder

At a moving music-enhanced ceremony on Saturday morning, the access road sign between South Orange Avenue and Mead Street in Meadowland was official unveiled to reveal its new name: BOZ WAY.

Before Meadowland Park Conservancy was formed, I enlisted Lindita Cani, Head of Reference and Library Services at the South Orange Public Library, to help me dig up some history about our pond. A lady approached, “I’m sorry to have been over here eavesdropping, but I grew up here and I can tell you a little about the area.”

That lady was Lee Boswell May, who kept us engaged for forty-five minutes with stories:  how she and her classmates would finish up their studies while eagerly listening for the fire house alarm signaling  that the ice was thick enough and they could head over to ice skate.  Lee said that the pond had always been there – she wasn’t sure about the origin – but it was a major social spot; a spot where everyone came to connect and just be outside in the sunshine together.

​This road will get much use as we transport new trees and plants and improvements across the park in our refurbishment efforts. Boz Way will remind us through those efforts that we are all connected and that good things are ahead.

Here’s a great interview with her talking about South Orange and her fascinating life.  Treat yourself and get to know her a little.

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